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Life is a mixed bag :)

Posted on: February 27, 2012

It has been nearly two years since I could find some time out from my regular work schedule to take up the pen and begin following my passion of writing again. It feels great to write.

Today, I would like to post something about the above topic Life is a mixed bag!

We are in a “jet age“–the age of technological marvels, technical advancements, innovations, regular technical improvisations, an obsolete technical innovation being replaced by other advanced technologies in a span of a few months… all these marvels occurring so fast and so quickly, like the blink of an eye that we sometimes fail to notice….yet, at times it seems , that  new and exciting technical inventions on latest applications related to creating writings and drawings through computers and other related devices don’t quite match with the pure joy, contentment and the love of writing down on a piece of  paper, that can be used, disposed off, recycled and reused again.

Now I come to the section where I would like to highlight about the precious times of our lives. When we are kids, we study in schools, and we have work to do–yes! Homework, studying for those exams, preparing for inter school contests, those fun-filled annual sports days, school camping trips… when we look back at those memories, we realize that somehow we could always find time to spend with ourselves back then .

When we are kids, our young minds bubble with enthusiasm to create something new, discover something innovative, go to the depths of the world, explore anything of profound interest in the diverse fields of arts and sciences that are taught to us and we hear from people around us. Our young minds are so innocent, energetic, bold, curious, investigative, inquisitive and learning to be analytical, that we tend to wander off in the directions where our hearts take us.  We used to follow our hearts more often when we were kids, and so we could find life to be so simple and easy to comprehend and ready to dive into the world.

However, as we grow up and get entangled in the profound realities of life, our innocence is gradually lost. Consequently, we are diverted into a world full of materialistic pursuits and pleasures, a world of status, fame , fortune, a race and  competition with friends and acquaintances to achieve more and more…thereby getting separated from the encouraging and motivating inner calling from our soul at the very core of our hearts.

We surely wonder when we grow up, what makes up our lives? Does life mean working nearly sixteen hours a day in the workplace nearly six days a week to get that fat pay check, that raise, that annual incentive, that festive bonus, that promotion which elevates us over our peer group to yet another higher level..does life mean we earn and buy basic things only to  subsequently post their info and /or photos on popular social network hubs , to show that we are now equal or possibly higher in status than our peer groups? Does life mean buying the latest mobile technologies, latest techno  gadgetry like touchpads, tablets and other advanced gizmos, vehicle and /or computer or latest jewellery or accessories, to  subsequently flaunt these or brag about such trivial accomplishments to our peers?

It is perfectly agreeable and interesting indeed to buy such advancements in technology which assist us in our daily lives in a million ways, and make our lives better… however, the question here is do some of us really need to be so desperate about status recognition  and equality amongst our peer groups based upon purchase of such items that satisfy our daily necessary needs and wants?

These pretensions, false shows of status quotients, bragging and boasting about own money, power, desperation to achieve prestige, recognition, fame and fortune by any means possible take away our very deepest and purest connections to our soul… the one soul which is always in peace, pure, wise, calm and in communion with the cosmic energy entity. These addictions to power, wealth, status and prestige are so strong and influential, that the heat of even its slightly careless and tempting touch can be felt from a distance. As we are drawn closer towards such addictions through their hypnotic glamorous and tempting calls, we get sucked into the vortex of materialistic pursuits… and we then begin to slowly lose the connection , we lose the peace of our minds and the close bond we share with our own soul.

So, life means a lot more than this, we deserve to rise above these trivial materialistic pursuits… job, work, status, money, recognition and prestige are only a part of this intense and overwhelmingly interesting experience that we call life. Still, I often find it amusing , funny and unfortunately sad through observations of people in our surroundings, that if people don’t have any job, or are not desperate enough to get one but follow their hearts instead to find out what truly makes them happy and at peace, some of their peers, acquaintances aim words at them either directly or indirectly, questioning their goals, status, credibility or capabilities. These sharp words hit the true seekers like arrows of an archer, and can’t be taken back like those arrows which once released from the bow never return.

It makes me wonder, what joy or satisfaction such people could have , by trying to crush the true seeker’s determination and morale! Such an act only shows the extent of insecurity and inner turbulence such people have in their lives, and their inner doubts on their own faith and confidence, as they have greatly distanced themselves from their pure kindred and gentle soul. We are in a world, where such conceited and cynical people are increasing by the day.

However, people who still have hope, faith, determination and the will to survive …. people who are not afraid of their adversaries or adversities that they have to face unexpectedly any moment, any time… people who encourage and motivate others through their own life’s struggles and iron resolves… people who are honest, loving, kind, humble, caring, strong, clever, wise, and yet seem so ordinary….. such people still exist in this increasingly tech savvy and continually advancing society. It is solely due to the contribution from such wise , clever, kind, generous, humble ordinary seeming yet brave individuals who are still connected to their pure and gentle souls at their heart’s core, that our world glows with warmth and radiance, is a beautiful place to live in and experience the mixed bag of LIFE.


2 Responses to "Life is a mixed bag :)"

just read it…yes life is a mixed bag…all the pressures from social upbringing and formatting do not agree with one wanting to wander free…

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