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Today is 14th of Feb 2012, and its Valentine’s Day! After 3 weeks of icy cold winds and freezing cold, it has finally begun snowing , and the temperature has improved. Being Valentine’s Day today, the snow has added sweet romance in the air, with its snow-white beauty and grandeur . Celebration of Valentine’s Day in the beautiful snow, with boxes of Lindt &  Sprüngli chocolates, gourmand, espresso, candies, softies, little showpiece of love birds, love hearts, soft toys and stuffed toys like bunny rabbits, little puppies, teddy bears, twinkling starry trinkets, trendy rings, black forrest cakes, pastries , apple tarts, gallettes and loads of other goodies… have added a charming festivity and sweet romantic moments in the air today.

Restaurants and pizza corners known for their authentic ethnic cuisines and excellent customer services are filled to the capacity today, where couples have romantic candle-lit dinners with red wine , a fine assortment of main course dishes and an even sweeter and a finer dessert amidst the romantic notes from the piano, the violin or the spanish guitar.

While the mood is set to celebrate Valentine’s Day, the landscape outside sparkles in full splendor with crystals of snow, shining in the moonlight like precious and priceless diamonds. As far as you look on, you can see the trees, roads, houses, rooftops, buildings, pavements and parks, all painted in pure white swift brush strokes of snow, soft and fluffy, feathery and flaky, falling and looking back at you with its gleaming and sparkling crystal eyes 🙂

It seems as if the snow is saying to you– Enjoy today, enjoy the moment, enjoy my white, soft and fragile feathery touch, enjoy Valentine’s Day amidst my tender-white romantic settings… and when summer comes, you will remember my snowy sparkles of this day, when I left my mark through my delicate tender touch …


This is the first blog site that I created, and I am pretty new to this activity, but I really like this creativity which lets me expand my imagination and lets me write whatever comes to my mind at the moment!

Although I am a marketing and a financial advisory professional, I love to write and muse about the little things in our lives in my pastimes, that make it so precious and valuable. I love to share my thoughts , my writing in the form of ebooks or blogs to you, to the world, to my friends, and to my family.

I am very excited about my first post, and I welcome all of you visiting my blog for the first time with a cup of coffee, hot or cold as you like it , with sugar, chocolate or cream as you want, and with lots of cookies and candies . You can muse  with the coffee at your leisure in my little cafe corner for as long as you want, browse through the posts and links posted in this site, and also, comment and leave your feedback on the topics and posts you find interesting!

This blog would like to focus on the following aspects in our lives :

1. Reviews and synopsis on any literary works on contemporary poetry, fiction,young adult fiction-fantasy novels, non-fiction, memoirs and biography, written by myself or written by you visiting this site, which you would like to share with the world. No erotica is accepted.

(You can leave a comment in the comment section about the details of your book, or any topic you would like to post in this website in the guest column).

2. A mixed bag, a kaleidoscope of our memoirs about insights gained from the various unique experiences that our life provides–tales of friendships, love, romance, family relationships, pets , travels, daily chores, tales of success rising up from failure, tales of motivation, inspiration, commitments… anything that strikes a chord and makes us pause and think a bit of what our life is all about.

3. Any interesting feature on travelling and places to visit, latest destinations and their uniqueness to share with the rest of the world, links related to travel and nature photography that makes us happy and want to visit such places.

4. What we want to read about mostly on the web, suggestions about such topics are most welcome.

So, here I go with this first post published , shared with you, the world!!

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Author and travel enthusiast

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